Agathe Bernard

AgatheAgathe grew up in the mountains north of Quebec City as well as Switzerland. 13 years ago, after spending a season skiing in British Columbia, she promised herself she’d come back as soon as she could. Her life has found definition throughout countless adventures, always with a camera in hand. Her name comes from, Agate, a variety of quartz often collected for its fineness of grain and brightness of colour.
Agathe is interested in using her experience and knowledge as an earth scientist to promote sustainability in our daily lives and also to empower people to live the life they have always dreamed of. Her images, film and articles inspire people to be responsible, innovative and proactive in their decision-making in order to minimize negative impact and maintain balance between ecological resilience, economic prosperity, political justice and cultural vibrancy to ensure a desirable planet for all species now and in the future.

Agathe on Girls Do Ski: “The main reason I love being part of GDS is that I get to capture females surpassing their personal boundaries and empowering themselves to take on challenges they never thought was within their ability level. I’m hoping these pictures of them can remind them of that state of mind when they encounter other life challenges.”