Workshops & Clinics

Rockette Clinic

Can you tell the difference between rocker, reverse camber and twin tips? If not, don’t worry because we have created this clinic so you can become ski savvy and understand the in’s and out’s of today’s current ski technology. Our Friday night clinic with have a Salomon representative present who will introduce the Rockette line up of skis and help you find the perfect demo skis to try. This will be a great gathering so you have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other attendees and our coaches.


Inspire: A tribute to Sarah Burke and other teachers
Is a workshop created in memory of female freeskiing pioneer Sarah Burke.   Burke’s passion for female skiing inspired young skiers many of whom are on the Girls Day Out coaching staff. This workshop will be voiced through our coaches and they will share how people like Sarah inspired them to follow their skiing dreams.

SheJumps Into Life: Exploring your passion for skiing and how it relates to your wildest dreams

SheJumps is a nonprofit organization with a mission to increase participation of females in outdoor activities. The true goal of what SheJumps stands for, however, reaches far beyond the physical realm. This workshop focuses on creating a vision to pair your biggest physical or adventurous goals with challenging yourself to reach your fullest potential in all aspects of life. Join Girl’s Day Out and SheJumps in answering the question: “What great thing would you dare to accomplish if success was your only possible outcome?”