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Glacier Travel Course
to Mar 10

Glacier Travel Course

Once again, Girls Do Ski is stoked to deliver this stellar workshop and get you ladies out there learning the ropes from the best! This three-day course is for expert downhill skiers and riders who want to learn the ropes on how to travel on glaciated terrain, whether it be small-scale day trips or multi-day traverses. We will focus on when and how to rope up on glaciers, rappel into steeps, and practice simple to more advanced crevasse rescue techniques. A key part of this course is terrain assessment and developing the fine art of using the right tool at the right time in the right way. You are required to bring your own gear so you have a chance to learn the specifics of it and become efficient while using it. We will provide a list of what to bring so you donโ€™t forget a thing! This camp is open to expert skiers who have at least 15 days of ski touring experience. Please ensure you know your touring gear well in order to allow you to focus on the glacier equipment. Join us on a quest for knowledge and adventure on this three-day alpine immersion extravaganza. It is open to a maximum of six participants.


The goals and skill set we will go over in the field will look a little something like this:

Day 1 - March 8
Goals for Day 1

  • The science of glaciers

  • Key issues with glacier travel as a backcountry rider

  • Case study reviews

  • An introduction to rescue and rope work

  • The correct way to practice with your ropes/knot tying

Day 2 - March 9
Goals for Day 2

  • Hands-on crevasse rescue and more technical rope work

  • Scenarios to put your knowledge to the test

Day 3 - March 10

Goals for Day 3

  • Travel to the top of the Illecillewaet Glacier to practice rope skills in an authentic setting

  • Assess snow depth and glacier travel risk management

  • How and when to rope up

  • Simple belays and rappels

Before the course, you will be sent some reading materials and homework to ensure you are prepared for the camp and to allow you to ask any questions you might have about the material in person.

This camp includes:

  • ACMG guiding

  • Personalized and professional instruction regarding glacial travel

  • Hands on knowledge and feedback to better set you up for your own glacier experiences

  • The chance to win some awesome goodies at our prize giveaway

$355 plus tax

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