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Advanced Ski Touring
to Jan 30

Advanced Ski Touring

Do you enjoy ski touring and want to push yourself that extra bit further? Increase your knowledge, gain the skills to improve your decision making and learn new tricks on efficiency. This camp includes three days of touring in Rogers Pass.

This course is designed to give more advanced skiers the chance to build confidence and experience in the backcountry with other like-minded females. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the mountains in Rogers Pass in a challenging, yet supportive environment. The expectation is that participants are of advanced downhill ski ability, have experience in the backcountry, a good level of fitness, their own AT gear/safety equipment, and are well versed in how to use it. You should typically tour at least 10 days a season for this camp. Our goal is to make sure you have the confidence to go out on your own or know where to get the resources to do so. It is not a prerequisite that participants have their AST Level 1, only a recommendation, and please note that no certification will be given as part of this course.

Does this sound like you?

  • Expert or advanced downhill skier on/off piste

  • Comfortable in terrain with trees

  • Usually ski tour at least 10 times per season

  • Understand how to use backcountry gear (beacon, shovel, probe) but would like more practice

  • Keen to increase backcountry awareness

  • Good baseline fitness level

  • Have previously used, and are very familiar with AT ski gear


Here is what you can expect for the three day camp.
*Please keep in mind that, in the unlikely case of road closures and/or unfavorable ski conditions, our agenda may change to best suit conditions and allow us to run the camp; however, this camp will be based from Revelstoke.

Day 1 - January 28

6:45am - 7:00am Registration at La Baguette
8:00am - 8:30am Meet at Discovery Center, learn the in’s/out’s of ski touring in Rogers Pass

GOALS for Day 1:

  • Gear overview

  • Avalanche scenario

  • Basics of snowpack

  • Touring travel

  • Shredding

4:00 pm Debrief and make a plan for the next day

Day 2 - January 29

6:45am Meet at La Baguette and carpool to Rogers Pass

7:30am Rogers Pass Discovery Center

GOALS for Day 2:

  • Become more familiar with touring practices at Rogers Pass

  • Breaking trail techniques

  • Terrain recognition

4:00pm Parking lot debrief and plan for tomorrow

Day 3 - January 30

8:00am Meet at Rogers Pass Discovery Center – plan for the day. Where are you going to find the pow this time??

GOALS for Day 3:

  • Skin track session

  • Mapping out a full day

  • Learning the best way to ski down a slope

4:00pm Back to the cars for 100 high fives and our prize giveaway!

This camp includes:

  • ACMG guiding

  • Personalized and professional coaching

  • Advanced backcountry skills and techniques to further your backcountry knowledge

  • The chance to win some awesome prizes at our prize giveaway

$355 plus tax

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