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Come Shred with Us.

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Girls Do Ski!

We are Canada's leading free-ski camp provider for women. Our goal is to get more female skiers on the slopes and connect those who are already out there. Our camps provide a supportive community of like-minded female athletes who will help you grow on and off your skis. Ski lessons are a dime a dozen. We work to provide life lessons on skis where all women are encouraged to achieve their personal best. It’s healthy to push your boundaries, and a safe and professional environment built on passion and experience provides the ideal foundation. Your skiing will improve, your confidence will boost and your self-awareness will expand which delivers value well beyond a technical skill.

OUr 2018/2019 Camps


Before your camp

Skills Guide

Girls Do Ski events are for intermediate, advanced and expert female skiers who are ready to learn new skills and push their personal boundaries in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. We suggest that you have a strong overall skiing foundation, a positive attitude, and a readiness to meet and exceed your personal goals. Our coaches will be by your side to facilitate the process and increase your confidence with every turn. Please review the chart and video below as you will be asked to identify your current skiing “level code” during the registration process.

An experience like nothing else
— Ashlee, Intro to Ski Touring
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